Online dance classes are here

Dance classes may be on hold for now, but there's no reason why we can't keep dancing whilst we're staying at home!

For anyone who is missing their weekly dose of dance, I'm introducing 'Dance Bundles' - a collection of tutorial videos to help dancers keep moving at home.*

Adults Dance Bundles: £12 per month

What you'll get:

  • Warm up exercises: ballet and tap 'dancealong' warm ups to get you up and moving

  • Weekly 'Tap tips' videos: three new tutorials each week, breaking down some key tap steps. These will include a range of difficulty levels.

  • Tap dance routine: you'll receive a new segment of the routine each week, building up to a dance

  • Weekly ballet barre workouts: simple, graceful movements to tone the lower body and core

Kids Dance Bundles (suitable for age 4-8): £10 per month

What you'll get:

  • Warm up: perfect to get the body moving

  • Weekly ‘Technique of the Week’: focusing on a different dance step each week

  • Weekly tap, ballet and modern routines: receive a new section of the routine each week, building up to a dance over the month

  • Plus crafts & activities

To sign up simply complete this form and make your first payment to the usual JUMP Dance Academy account.

For more information contact

*To subscribe to our Dance Bundles you must be an existing attendee of JUMP Dance Academy's classes. For more information about signing up to classes when we start back, please contact

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