Boredom buster #3: Ribbon bun holder

This make couldn't be simpler - it's a fun way to brighten up ballet buns with just a few bits of ribbon!

What you will need:

Hair elastic

Ribbons (cut into approx. 15cm lengths)

Tip: For an extra special look, use ribbons of different colours and thicknesses

How to make it:

1. Simply take a length of ribbon and tie it tightly around your hair tie

2. Repeat with several ribbons until you've gone all the way round

3. Arrange the ribbons so all the ends are facing outwards

4. Put your hair into a beautiful ballet bun and place your new bun holder over the top!

Fun idea: Make different colour bun holders to match your costumes for a show-stopping look!

#craft #ballet #bun #hair #summerholidays #fun #ribbon

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