• Helena Mitchell

Boredom buster #1: Lollipop ballerinas

Here's a crafty project that your little ballerinas will love!

What you will need:

Lolly stick

Cupcake case

Felt tip pens

PVA glue

Ribbons, beads and glitter (optional)

How to make it:

1. Use your favourite colour pens to draw shoes, leotard, face and hair on your lolly stick.

Tip: draw the shapes in pencil first then colour in when you’re happy. To make it look really good, go over the outlines in black biro!

2. Fold your cupcake case in half and glue it upside down onto your lolly stick to make a skirt.

3. Decorate your ballerina doll with glitter, bows and stickers as desired!

Fun idea: Why not make lots of dolls and get them to put on a show!